Travis Hall 


I have been a member of CFR since September 2015, after moving to Fredericksburg from Stafford and Ardent CrossFit. I was first introduced to CrossFit during my first deployment in the Marine Corps in 2008, and immediately knew I loved CrossFit. I followed the programming from CrossFit HQ on, and improvised with the materials I had available. I got in the best shape of my life, and gained a mental toughness that would benefit me throughout that deployment and every subsequent challenge in my life. When I returned from my 2008 deployment, CrossFit gyms, or ‘boxes’ were near non-existent. I wound up joining a local affiliate, which introduced me to the other aspects of CrossFit. I also enjoyed the community aspect of working out in a competitive environment with like-minded people.

Upon returning from my deployment, I experienced chronic back and knee pain. Based on a recommendation from my chiropractor, I tried yoga. Within a month of regular yoga practice, I noticed that my pain had gone down tremendously, and I was more mobile than I had been previously. This benefited me in CrossFit and other aspects of my life, and I have continued to regularly practice yoga. I have been a member of several CrossFit gyms that have a mobility class, elements of mobility included in pre and post-workout classes, as well as several CrossFit gyms that have a scheduled yoga class. Through Yoga, CrossFit athletes can grow stronger physically and mentally, ultimately leading to better performance results, speedier recovery, and safer movements. The benefits of coupling Yoga with CrossFit include: Flexibility, Respiration & Breath Awareness, Balance, Body Awareness, Peace of Mind, Agility, Injury Prevention, and Alignment.

In December 2015, I completed the 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher program through Latitude Yoga Company, a registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance. I will be teaching a weekly yoga class on Thursday evenings (6pm) and Sunday morning (10am). Through my knowledge and experience of being a CFR athlete, and a Yoga Teacher/practitioner, I have a unique insight into the needs of CFR athletes. I would like to provide this class to benefit CFR members physically and mentally, at no additional cost. Thank you and I look forward to introducing yoga to CFR!